Trick or Treat

Dear Carter,

Tuesday was Halloween, soooooo….happy Halloween! I had a whirlwind of a morning at work; I was busy running around and thinking hard about work things and enjoying spending time with my friends from work while we celebrated someone’s birthday…the whole time wearing a chicken costume 53116397933__C2D908CA-0A9F-4768-9B65-6CE4FF867B8E

because I love to celebrate, well, anything. And a day where you get to dress up like whatever you want and get candy seems like a pretty great day to me.

I have lots of great childhood memories of Halloween. I remember carving jack-o-lanterns with Daddy — well, Papa to you — in the basement of our house (for some reason my jack-o-lantern memories feature Papa the most, but I’m sure Gigi took part too). All of us decided what face to make and Papa was in charge of drawing it on the pumpkin with a permanent marker. If Papa messed up the face, he would send me or Auntie Bella off to find Gigi’s fingernail polish remover to use as an eraser. Then he would cut off the top, leaving a notch so that it was easy to put back on after we finished. Then we would have to dig our hands into the gooey, stringy, seedy, squishy pumpkin guts and pull them out and dump them in the garbage can lined with a big black bag. We always had so much fun working on this project together, then we would all clomp up the big hill and sit our finished pumpkin at the front of the carport to light up with a candle and invite trick-or-treaters to our home.

Our church held a carnival every year around Halloween. We would dress up and pile in the car to ride to the Christian Life Center (CLC), where they had little game stations set up all around the gym and in the racquetball courts and up on the jogging track. We’d go to each station and try our hand at whatever game we were supposed to play, then happily accept the candy reward. There were like a million kids there, all dressed up with buckets, running around yelling and feeling so euphoric. Candy! Costumes! Candy and costumes at church! One year I was eating a Sugar Daddy (the giant wad of caramel on a stick), and chewed a crown right off of my molar. Another year, we had a family costume; we were clowns! Papa had a rainbow afro wig and a giant tie, Gigi had huge glasses and a silly outfit, and Auntie Bella had a ridiculously oversized pacifier. I can’t remember what I wore, and I’m a little hazy on all the details, but I’m pretty sure we won some kind of prize. Yeah. Like probably 50% sure. Maybe it’s half memory and half imagination. But it’s 100% happy.

This year’s Halloween has some happy memories: making a Jabba the Hut jack-o-lantern with your Daddy, throwing a nice party for a friend, watching spooky TV, and WEARING A CHICKEN COSTUME TO WORK!! But there’s one vision that is 100% imagination, and that’s the scene that popped in my head where I was dressed as a chicken and you were dressed as my egg, and we were trick-or-treating and playing games at a carnival, and I was showing off your adorable costume photos to everyone at work, and we were cuddled on the sofa watching It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, and maybe, just maybe we talked Daddy into wearing a rooster costume and parading around with us.

I miss you with every heartbeat. But I think you were wearing an egg costume in Heaven. And that’s a thought that makes me 100% smile.

I kiss you.

Love you forever,



One thought on “Trick or Treat

  1. What a great trip down memory lane!! And a little peek into the future to see your little egg! I love you so much! And in honor of your Star Wars pumpkin… “I AM YOUR FATHER.”


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