To my brown boy on MLK day

*This post contains explicit language and political opinions. If you’re offended, stop reading now.*

Dear Carter,

A few days ago, I learned of just one more example of the racism and bigotry of the most powerful man in the world, our nation’s president. During a meeting on immigration with the US Congress, Mr. Trump said the following words, and though he now *shockingly* denies it, several of those present at the meeting verified the media reports:

“Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?”

“Why do we need more Haitians? Take them out.”

He also suggested that the US should instead bring more people from countries such as Norway (a.k.a. white). Even when he took to his favorite *and very professional* platform for addressing the citizens of the country he serves, Twitter, he was insulting to the entire country of Haiti, calling it “obviously a very poor and troubled country.” That’s like slapping someone in the face and then during your apology saying, “I’m sorry, but obviously your face deserved to be slapped.”

People seem very surprised that the president would say such hate-filled things, which I don’t get. At all. We’ve heard nothing BUT racist, misogynistic, sexist, bigoted, and supremacist speech from this man since the second he initiated his campaign for office. We’ve heard him speak of willfully violating women just because he can, we’ve seen him toss out relief supplies to hurricane victims like Mardi Gras beads and act as though he personally saved each and every one of them from the flood waters, we’ve heard him call numerous non-white citizens and immigrants a multitude of names, and we’ve allowed him to continue this behavior while we all stand around saying, “Well, I never,” and “Oh my,” and “He must be mentally ill.”

*Side note: What is that about? We’re now assuming that he must have mental illness to do and say the things he does and says, because no mentally sound person would ever do or say those things? Of course they would. And do, every single day. Just because a person’s opinions and actions are stupid and ignorant doesn’t mean they’re mentally ill. It just means they’re stupid and ignorant.*

But. This post is not meant to be entirely a rant against one racist human. It’s meant to tell you, my sweet brown boy, and your brothers and sisters, on this day when we honor Dr. King and the changes he fought so hard to bring about, that I’m sorry. Those words are lame and insufficient, but it’s the best thing I know to say. I’m sorry that white people decided that you were somehow less just because you look different than them, even though you bleed and breathe and sleep and eat and love the exact same as they do. I’m sorry that this idea has been perpetuated throughout centuries and generations of white people, and that it is somehow, mind-bogglingly, still glaringly present today (just look at who lives in the White House), affecting the daily lives of millions of beautiful souls the world wide. I’m sorry that it has taken so. long. for us to begin to have a real discussion about it. And I’m sorry that it’s not fixed yet.

I want you to never accept this idea. Never allow this cancerous evil to invade your exquisite spirit. Never be stifled by the stupidity and ignorance of others.

Always soar, my love. And be the change you wish to see in the world (Mahatma Gandhi). If you want peace, then live peacefully. If you desire truthfulness, then be truthful. If you want love, then be loving. If you crave respect, then be respectful.

You are beautiful and wonderful and amazing and good. And I kiss your perfect brown cheek.

Love you forever,



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