In celebration of women

Dear Carter, March 8th was International Women’s Day, and March is Women’s History Month. Obviously, you’re my sweet boy, my son who didn’t get the chance to become the wonderful man I know you’d be. Still, men can (and should) play a vital role in bringing about changes to the common worldview that women are… Continue reading In celebration of women


Trick or Treat

Dear Carter, Tuesday was Halloween, soooooo….happy Halloween! I had a whirlwind of a morning at work; I was busy running around and thinking hard about work things and enjoying spending time with my friends from work while we celebrated someone’s birthday…the whole time wearing a chicken costume  because I love to celebrate, well, anything. And… Continue reading Trick or Treat


*This post originally penned 9/14/17* Dear Carter, Today, it’s been 112 days since you left. 112 days since I held you. 112 days since I saw your face. 112 days since I kissed you. Today, you’ve been gone longer than you were here. Today is a hard day. Today, I miss you just as much… Continue reading 112

6 months

Dear Carter, Happy 6 month birthday! All of my thoughts today are full of you. I woke up so angry that you had to leave. And as the day has passed, I’ve felt lots of other emotions swirling around. Of course, sadness, because I miss you so much. Fear. Guilt. Weariness. I’ve cried once. So far. But… Continue reading 6 months